We film ideas,
we are Panda Motion

Panda motion is more than a production house. It’s passion and commitment. It’s ideas and the desire to create something great.

We are not average, we don’t want to be that way. We are beyond ambitious and want to make each of our productions even better. We love meeting new , interesting people, so we appreciate every client we have the opportunity to work with.

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what makes us different

the codes we live by

Listening to Clients

We gather and analyze feedback from all our clients to continually enhance our services, tailoring them to evolving needs.

Personalized Approach

Understanding each client’s needs before we even begin ensures we tailor our production to fulfill their unique goals.

Building Relationships

We believe that every business is based on relationships, so we appreciate the opportunity to work with different people and understand their stories.

Turning Ideas into Reality

There are no impossibles for us. Every idea can be transformed into a plan, which we passionately bring to life.

Continuous Growth

We are ambitious pandas, always seeking new experiences and knowledge. We aim to grow alongside our clients, ensuring mutual prosperity.

We're Just Cool!

We love what we do, and beyond our commitment to quality and professionalism, we have a good time doing it. Collaborating with us is a pure delight – that’s what we’ve heard!

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Our talents

Konrad Niedziela

CEO & Director of Photography

Bartłomiej Durak

CEO & Creative Director

Julia Kulik

Director & Photographer

Rafał Bańdura

Production Manager & Film Editor

Justyna Grzesiak

Director of Photography

Mikołaj Żak

Director of Photography

Paweł Sołtys

Director of Photography

Artur Dusza

Director of Photography & Director

Wiktor Jaworski


Daniel Jurzyna

Director of Photography & Gaffer

Mikołaj Dziwosz


Norbert Lew

1AC & Spark

Filip Czaja

Sound Designer


Production Manager

Jan Koczur

Production Manager

Ewelina Olendzka

Costume Designer

Ksenia Kubik

Costume and Set Designer

Jakub Trynda

Set Designer

Daniel Sypniewski

Set Designer

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