digital animations

Rebranding animation

Agencja Kuźnia

production, script, storyboards, illustrations, animatic


Creative Director: Bartłomiej Durak
Animations: Konrad Niedziela
Storyboards: Ewelina Olendzka
Illustrations: Ewelina Olendzka

about project

What did the client expect?

One of our recent projects is a rebranding animation for Agencja Kuźnia, which shows its journey from a small company – Kuźnia Treści – to a leader in the land of marketing. Our aim was to show the agency’s history, development and specialisations in an interesting and creative way. We wanted the animation to be original, and to convey the values and vision of Agencja Kuźnia.

The challenge we faced was to find an appropriate form and graphic style that would match the character and personality traits of the brand. We decided on the metaphor of a village that grows and evolves with the agency, with each corner representing a different area of marketing. We used fantasy and medieval elements to give the animation a fairytale feel. We also made sure that the animation was consistent with the agency’s new logo and colour scheme.

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