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Welcome to Panda Motion – Your Creative Hub for Film Production! We are a team of enthusiasts specializing in film, animation, and photography production. Our mission is to create top-notch content that sets our clients apart in the market.

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Panda motion is more than a production house. It’s passion and commitment. It’s ideas and the desire to create something great.

We are not average, we don’t want to be that way. We are beyond ambitious and want to make each of our productions even better. We love meeting new and interesting people, so we appreciate every client we have the opportunity to work with.

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Lights, camera, action!​

We will provide you with a whole range of services in film production, photography and animation. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to realise the most creative and non-standard ideas.

We love to create in different styles and experiment, combining them tastefully and fitting in with current trends. That’s why you’re sure to find something for your business among our services.

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Film production

More than just technique – it's the art of conveying emotions, inspiring, and captivating the audience.


Our lens is a window to the world, opening up an infinite palette of colors and emotions.


Our animations are valuable tools that build trust and create emotional connections with audiences.

...and more

A range of additional professional services that form the solid foundation for every project.


Where imagination meets motion​

Welcome to the world of creativity and high quality! If you are looking for unique, thoughtful and professional productions, you are in the right place. Get inspired by our portfolio and let creativity take the lead!

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