Meritoros SA

Complex preparation of an advertising campaign for social media, script and direction, pre-production, set preparation, production, editing, colorgrading, animation, photos, making-of


DIR & DOP: Konrad Niedziela
1AC: Rafał Bańdura
Interviewer: Bartłomiej Durak
Gaffer: Daniel Jurzyna
Spark: Norbert Lew
Sound: Filip Czaja
Stills & Making-of: Justyna Grzesiak
Ewelina Olendzka
Edit: Rafał Bańdura
Color: Konrad Niedziela

Special guest
Michał Czaicki
Marcin Klejdysz
Wojciech Smętek
Sebastian Wiśniewski


What did the client expect?

For our client, Meritoros SA, we created a short commercial to demonstrate the advantages and benefits of working with this accountancy firm.

The advertisement was based on the testimonial formula, i.e. a report from satisfied clients who shared their experiences and opinions about Meritoros’ services. We chose this format because we believe it is effective in building trust and credibility in the brand, as well as in convincing potential clients to take up the offer.

Our work consisted of conducting and recording interviews with representatives of various businesses that use Meritoros’ services. The interviews focused on their feelings and opinions about working with this accountancy firm. We then used the footage we recorded to edit the final film.
The target audience for the commercial is large companies that are not yet using our client’s offer.

We wanted to show them that Meritoros SA is a trustworthy partner that will provide them with a comprehensive and professional accounting and tax service.The main aim was to create an authentic online brand image and increase brand recognition.

The film was made in three resolutions at the client’s request; 16:9, 9:16 and 1:1, to enable the video spot to be made available on various online platforms. We ensured that it was visually appealing, dynamic and in line with Meritoros’ visual identity.


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