Ambra Woman

Nolia Cosmetics Sp. z o.o.

Orange Moon

complete creation of an advertising campaign for social media, script and direction, set preparation, set design, film production, photography, animation and editing


DOP: Konrad Niedziela
Camera Operator: Justyna Grzesiak 
Gaffer: Daniel Jurzyna
Spark: Norbert Lew 
1AC/DIT: Rafał Bańdura
Photographer: Julia Kulik
Makeup Artist: Diana Żurowska
Hairstylist: Wojtek Trojacki
Costume Designer: Ewelina Olendzka
Key Grip: Kamil Daliniewski

Aneta Banach
Dawid Zapała

about project

Don’t limit yourself to one perfume

Heavy or light? Sweet or refreshing? Check out the campaign we realised for the 6 fragrances of the Ambra Woman perfume.

In the process of creating the campaign for the Ambra Woman collection, we entered the world of feminine elegance and sensuality, placing particular focus on understanding the client’s expectations.

Our team meticulously developed a plan to perfectly reflect the diversity and subtlety of each fragrance composition. We worked to create an atmosphere that not only showcases the unique qualities of each fragrance, but also conveys the strength, confidence and delicacy that is characteristic of the Ambra Woman collection.

During the production process, we were guided by the idea of transporting the viewer into a fantastic world of feminine expression. We took care of every detail to ensure consistency with the brand’s aesthetic and to realise the client’s vision.

The combination of professionalism and creativity allowed us to create films that convey the emotion and style associated with each unique flacon.

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