Promotional video

MMA Academy Cracow

production, script, camera work, edit, colorgrading, voice-over, 


DOP: Konrad Niedziela
1AC: Rafał Bańdura
Gaffer: Norbert Lew
Spark: Mariusz Dzieciuch
Production manager: Aleksandra Gąsior
Edit offline: Ewelina Olendzka
Key Grip: Kamil Daliniewski

Adrian Morąg

about project

Spirit of martial arts

In the commercial for MMA Academy, we immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of martial arts, where determination, hard work and passion are key elements. Our production will take you to the training mat, where the MMA Academy’s charges not only hone their skills but also shape their character, gaining confidence and overcoming their own limits.

Through dynamic shots, intense music and professional camera choreography, we take the viewer into the training vortex, highlighting the strength, agility and technique that are the foundation of combat sports.

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