FitMyDay - social media campaign

FitMyDay – diet catering

full photographic service, culinary photography, food styling, table top

since 2020

Photographer: Julia Kulik
Food Stylist: Julia Kulik

about project

What did the client expect?

It is said that in the photography and film industry, working with food is the most difficult… but not for us! We know food styling and how to make it just as appealing to the viewer on screen as it is in real life.

During the collaboration, we were responsible for a full social media photography service. The main goal was to create appetising photos to support customers in making conscious eating decisions.

Our job was to capture each dish in a way that reflected its natural flavour, quality and freshness. We wanted the photos to attract customers’ attention and inspire them to choose healthy and balanced foods.

It was equally important to show that FitMyDay offers not just healthy, but above all tasty dishes that can replace high-calorie snacks.

During the sessions, we focused on the details and carefully composed the frames so that each dish was presented as a small work of art. We arranged the dishes with particular attention to aesthetics, which was intended to emphasise their appetising appearance and encourage customers to immerse themselves into the culinary experience.