short film

Za późno

Wiktor Jaworski

Short film, feature, production, script, direction, camera work, edit, colorgrading


Director & Script: Wiktor Jaworski
DOP: Konrad Niedziela
1AC: Rafał Bańdura
Gaffer: Norbert Lew
Edit: Wiktor Jaworski
Colorgrading: Konrad Niedziela

Michalina Jakubiak
Krzysztof Cybulski

about project

Art house film

A quiet Sunday morning is interrupted by a mysterious knock on the door, placing the characters in a situation where unspoken emotions are a key part of the narrative.

The script penetrates the intimacy of everyday life, exposing the hidden aspects of human existence.

This artistic journey into the depths of the human psyche invites the audience to reflect on the nature of decisions and asks how we react to the unknown.

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